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A Dream of Feather-Light Flight

Near weightlessness
A serene moment of spiralling in still space
Before the slow soft side to side drift downwards
The tenderest blow of breath
The most benign of breezes enough to shift my course
The gradual fall and hushed whisper of landing
A dream of feather-light flight in the quiet of the night

come and remind me
who you are
have you traveled far?
are you made of stardust too?
are the angels after you?
tell me what I am to do
but until then I’ll save your side of the bed
just come and sing me to sleep

   — Ghost by Emilie Autumn

And now I see, I see you for the first time
There is no crime in being kind
Not everyone is out to screw you over
Maybe yeah, just maybe they just want to get to know ya

And now the time is here
Baby you don’t have to live your life in fear
And the sky is clear
Is clear of fear

     — Fear and Loathing by Marina and the Diamonds

That moment when you have an idea, the best idea you’ve ever had, and you struggle to write it down, but it just slips away from your mind like water in a sieve.


Strike a chord of pure inspiration
Ideas crowding and crowding inside my mind
My hands are just too slow
too slow
too damn slow
I can’t write it all down before they disappear
There for a brief moment
And then next minute
All just gone
What was I thinking?
What was that idea I had?
Something about a… bridge?
And a triangle?
Oh damn this
I don’t remember

Life Cycle of the Formosa Spinis Mortifera

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Rainbow Circles

Autumn Leaves On Parchment


Autumn Leaves (in png format)

Glass Waves

In png format. Works best with a black background, which brings out the details.

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Old Sol

It’s winter and my hands are cold. So here’s some sun.


Formosa Spinis Mortifera - Dead Newborn (Noxia)

Refer to this & this post for more information on the Formosa.